National Geographic: Οι πιο όμορφες φωτογραφίες του 2014
Θα σας μαγέψουν

To national geographic δημοσίευσε τις πιο όμορφες φωτογραφίες για το 2014

Οι φωτογραφίες προέχονται από όλο τον κόσμο και από κάθε φάση και δραστηριότητα του ανθρώπου αλλά και της φύσης.

Θα μαγευτείτε και με τα θέματα αλλά και με τα χρώματα.

Η τέχνη της φωτογραφίας είναι σπουδαία και ιδιαίτερα λαϊκή, απευθύνεται σε όλους γι αυτό και είναι και τόσο αγαπητή.

Ρίξτε μια ματιά και θα ονειροταξιδευτείτε και εσείς μαζί με εμάς.

Picture of a diver lit in Dos Palmas Cenote, Mexico

Picture of a Newari woman wearing makeup for the Yamari Puni festival in Kathmandu, Nepal

Picture of a rafter at the Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland

Picture of a man carrying Turkish ice cream, Turkey

Picture of Maronite nuns making candy, Beirut, Lebanon

Picture of a human tower in Vilifranca, Spain

Picture of a penguin colony, South Georgia Island

Picture of a costumed Busó man, Hungary

Picture of birds flying near Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Picture of a great white shark in the Neptune Islands, Australia

Picture of children practicing yoga, Varanasi, India

Picture a lush forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Picture of a man reading on a ferry boat, Istanbul, Turkey

Picture of Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington, from Chikamin Peak

Picture of people throwing paper into the air, China

Picture of the Swallow's Nest at dusk, Crimea, Ukraine

Picture of the Ring of Brodgar, Scotland

Picture of a subway escalator, Stockholm, Sweden

Picture of a man drying vermicelli in Allahabad, India

Picture of the exhibits at the MUSE museum, Trentino, Italy

Picture of people playing drums at the Ghat Festival, Libya

Picture of a nun at the tomb of St. Peter, Vatican City

Picture of cliffs in Bonifacio, Corsica

Picture of the Elephant Cave, Bali, Indonesia

Picture of Sami herders and reindeer in Sweden

Picture of mural detail in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Picture of a motorcyclist ascending a mountain road, Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Picture of people outside Bank of England headquarters in the City, London

Picture of a hiker in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Picture of a man standing on the The Little Rock Bridge, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Picture of Ifugao children near a rainforest, Philippines

Picture of boulevards at night in Paris, France

Picture of calligrapher writing messages for Tet, Vietnam

Picture of visitors to the Afrikaans Language Monument in South Africa

Picture of butterflies in the Tucavaca Valley, Bolivia

Picture of waitstaff at Prague castle in the main hall, Prague

Picture of hikers at night above Capetown, South Africa

Picture of a baker in his shop, Kashmir

Picture of a Nenet child climbing a tent, Russia

Picture of a red kangaroo at Sturt National Park, Australia

Picture of a cook making hand-pulled noodles, Beijing, China

Picture of a family relaxing near Richardson’s lighthouse, Andaman Islands, India

Picture of a couple outside of Caffe Florian, Italy

Picture of a woman near a giant snow sculpture, Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, China

Picture of Vik, Iceland, at sunrise


Picture of the interior of St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna, Austria

Picture of a snowball fight in Times Square, New York City

Picture of a person waiting at a Munich subway station, Germany

Picture of stand-up paddleboarders near an iceberg, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Picture of Madain Salih, Saudi Arabia


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